The TV DVR pioneer is on a bridge of business breakthrough

Has won a law suit against the cable and satellite company that copied its self developed technology (May 2011)

TiVo Company, a pioneer in digital TV DVRs that are responsible to the change of habits on how we watch TV, mostly by the ability to fast forward commercials and plan a personal prime time, is a losing company. The reason, the number of reproductions done by the technological concept, and offered to the public for low prices for several years now, has made TiVo win a law suit against Dish Network and EchoStar companies, which will pay the DVR pioneer the sum of 300 million dollars, and another 33.3 million dollars each year until 2017. This verdict has streamed TiVo into new business ventures and the most interesting one is the deal with Comcast, the US biggest cable company.

Editorial comment: TiVo's DVR is the Rolls Royce of DVR's that has been far behind its competitors, presumably digging its own grave. Now, cable and satellite companies in the US are afraid that TiVo would sue them after its many year trial win, and most likely judges would prefer the original DVR.

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