Leading hotel chains are offering diet meals

Pointing out on good guest compliance towards the availability of fruits and yogurt (May 2011)

Leading hotel chains are stepping up into the health trend and offering light calorie breakfasts for those interested. Hilton chain is offering its customers a light fat free breakfast. Sofitel Hotels have launched in the US a three course meal that the number of included calories does not exceed 500. Mariott's Courtyard is printing on its menus the number of calories per each meal, and also on wall boards inside the Bistro restaurants of its hotels. Even though, analysts say that the hotel preferred meal in the US during lunch time is the cheeseburger, while in breakfast the guests ask for fresh fruit, whole wheat cereals with yogurt.

Editorial Comment: Guests in hotels consume normally more food during their usual work days. Breakfasts are richer, and so are other meals. It is presumable that this new concept that offers guest with a tasty low calorie meal is designed by chefs might mark a change also for fine restaurants that are not inside hotels. The name of the game is to increase the flavor of diet foods that are viewed by the public as a sort of punishment.

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