Publicis Advertising Agency offers its customers an ROI magazine test

Time Magazine is printed with 3.3 million copies. The number of readers – 19 million (May 2011)


A new initiative in the magazine awareness field, after Time Magazine has a signed a year ago an agreement with Starcom MediaVest marketing sector of Publicis Advertising Agency, in order to find a way in which they could present customers with the number of consumers remembering ads, or had taken an approach by it. Now, after accumulated experience, Starcom MediaVest is offering its services to all its customers globally. These figures are based on research, and include all the household members that had read the magazine and had seen the ads. Time Magazine has published recently that it is read by 19 million people, while it is printed only with 3.3 million copies.

Editorial Comment: The fact that it is possible to present the advertisers with numerical figures regarding consumers reaction towards magazine ads, is compatible with the increasing demand of ROI (return on investment), and internet has become a normal practice, while in old media it was common to think that it is not possible to calculate them.


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