Leading Pharmaceutical chain in the US has added fresh fruits and vegetables to its shelves

A part of the specialized stores penetration trend towards other fields different from their main business core (May 2011)

The penetration of specialized stores into new fields is taking a whole new phase, after the biggest pharmaceutical chain in the US, Walgreens, has started offering fresh fruits and vegetables in 30 of its San Francisco area stores. The chain has announced it is implementing a pilot experiment to see if their customers are buying fresh and healthy foods. The new fresh food sector includes apples, bananas, lettuce, onions, peppers, potatoes and watermelons. One can also purchase pre-prepared meals, fresh salads, sandwiches and soups. Walgreens owns 519 stores in California and over 8,000 stores across North America, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Editorial comment: This trend signifies the revolution facing the retail sector all around the world. In the past, specialized stores preferred to deepen their specialization within its traditional core business, and now the retail chains are penetrating every possible field, and if they don't understand the new field, they would hire professional talents that do.

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